Research Publication: Human ex vivo data supports the prospects of Loma’s HPV-targeted immunotherapy  

Human ex vivo validation of the potential of Loma’s HPV-targeted immunotherapy has been published in Cancers.

The study conducted in collaboration between Loma Therapeutics and Hervolution supports that Loma’s unique immunotherapy can induce strong and functional CD8+ and CD4+ T cells in humans with pre-existing anti-HPV T cell responses. Importantly, the study shows that the T cells have cancer killing efficacy and indicated that E1-reactive T cell are less prone to exhaustion over time.

Specifically, the study employed a novel human ex vivo immunization assay, using PBMCs extracted from anonymus human blood donors. Dendritic cells were matured and transduced with Loma’s viral-vectored therapy, and these cells were co-cultured with autologous T cells to simulate an in vivo immunization and T cell activation.

The results from this highly translational model complements Loma’s existing preclinical data from mice and NHPs, and strongly supports that Loma’s immunotherapy has the potential to benefit HPV cancer patients.

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