Research Publication: Loma’s therapy shows antitumor efficacy in mice 

A substantial part of Loma Therapeutics’ pre-clinical proof of concept was published in Cancer Immunology Research.

Briefly, the HPV-targeted immunotherapy underwent thorough in vitro QC to ensure expression of HPV genes and successful inactivation of E6 and E7 transformation potential. Immunogenicity studies in both inbred and outbred mice showed enhanced T cell responses, particularly augmented by the genetic adjuvant, Ii. Notably, the vaccine regimen displayed efficacy in reducing tumor growth and increasing survival in murine models, both as monotherapy and in combination with cisplatin, and therapy led to increased CD8+ T cell infiltration into the tumor.

The study is co-authored by Loma’s CEO Ditte Boilesen, and collaborators from University of Regensburg, Sirion Biotech, University of Copenhagen, and Hervolution. In Loma Therapeutics we are pleased to have an ongoing collaboration with all these partners.

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